The Ultimate Motivator

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To be perfect. We’ve all thought about it.

I remember as a kid waking up on certain mornings thinking, “Alright, today’s the day I’m going to be perfect; I’m not going to sin ONCE come at me satan” (I was a competitive kid…still kinda am).
At 7 years old I was already pursuing the notion of perfection, it’s no wonder that my life has been characterized by striving and doing to prove my worth for as long as I can remember. When perfection is the goal you will constantly feel like a failure because news flash, it just isn’t possible. I think we all know that deep down that we can’t be all around perfect so instead we pursue perfection in one area of our lives. Sports, appearance, personality, academics, whatever your vice is we have all desired success in an area of our life, convinced that it was the way to ultimate peace and joy.

The problem with perfection is the world has convinced us that it is something to be worked for when the bible tells us it is a gift that we’ve been given through Christ. It’s a fun notion to try and earn a gift. Can you imagine giving someone a..uhhh…let’s say a car. You love this imaginary person and can’t wait to see their face when they see it. Just picture said person discovering the gift and then they turn around and tell you “Alright, I’m going to prove to you that I deserve this car and I’m going to work for this car and earn this car” Uhhh Hello? I just gave you this car so you DON’T HAVE TO work for it. I’m realizing that’s an odd analogy but just roll with me. Perfection is this gift that God suffered and died for and we then turn it around and make it something we have to work for. We spend our lives living in anxiety, worrying about a future encounter or bitterness because God’s plan didn’t aline with ours. I just imagine God up in heaven thinking, “Are you kidding me??” Stop working for a gift I have freely given you. Spending your life working for a gift that God already worked and suffered for to give us is the epitome of #wastemytime2kwhatever.

Okay step back right now, assess your life, how would it change if you believed that where you are, who you are is perfect? Weird right? But it is true! You are perfected by Christ, free from the anxieties of working for perfection, not by anything you’ve done or haven’t done, but simply because you are loved and have been bought with a price. When we accept this truth we can stop the striving and live in who God says we are. Not just that but when we can truly grasp how undeserving we are our minds will first fill your with hundreds of question marks, but then you’ll come to the point of joy and gratitude. Joy because you realize that the burden of approval and comparison is *poof* gone and now you can focus on God’s purpose for you. Gratitude because when someone gives you a gift you truly don’t deserve (imagine giving a backstabbing friend something like a yacht) it becomes pretty clear just how much they love you. The last sermon I heard the pastor said, “Something’s worth is dependent on how much someone is willing to pay for it” talk about a loaded statement am I right? Once we understand God’s love, trusting God becomes 200x easier. Now with this new found trust, we can finally believe who he says we are, perfected and made in his image.

You are perfected by Christ’s sacrifice and now you are free to live full of joy because the fear of the future mistakes or past mistakes has been wiped clean. Be free child and live as God intended.

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